DUI/DWI offenses are often a focus for law enforcement authorities in a college town. Athens, with the University of Georgia, is no exception. Athens-Clarke County prosecutors take a strong stand toward all alcohol-related offenses such as DUI and the underage possession of alcohol (UPA) or minor in possession (MIP). A skilled criminal defense attorney can help to protect your legal rights if you have been arrested for DUI, UPA or MIP.

With a reputable drunk driving defense lawyer from Thomas A. Camp, P.C., you will have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side who is knowledgeable in the workings of the local court system and familiar with local prosecuting attorneys and judges' preferences and tendencies. Contact Thomas A. Camp, P.C. for an initial consultation.

Protect Yourself from Consequences of a DUI Conviction

People who are convicted of drunk driving face significant penalties - criminal and otherwise. Individuals convicted of DUI may face criminal penalties that include jail time, hefty fines, probation and community service. There may be other consequences at stake as well. For example, if you are convicted of drunk driving, your driver's license will likely be suspended, restricting your ability to drive to work and other locations.

Tom Camp Can Help Protect You in Georgia DUI and UPA Cases

A skilled Athens DUI lawyer with experience in both municipal and state courts, Tom Camp can educate you about your rights and options, including the availability of pretrial diversion programs and other first-offender programs. Some first-time offenders may be allowed the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction or prosecution altogether. He can work with you to determine an appropriate strategy for preserving your future.

In addition, as a seasoned DUI lawyer, Tom Camp can help you to minimize other collateral consequences of a drunk driving conviction or UPA conviction. He works to protect your driving privileges and prevent other non-criminal penalties brought on by the University for college students.

Breath Test Refusal

Many times, people opt to refuse the Intoxilyzer breath test in hopes that it will help their case. While these individuals may be preventing the BAC levels to be used against them, there are usually much more severe penalties for breathalyzer test refusal, such as automatic license suspension and mandatory fines or other penalties. Whether you refused or consented to the test, Tom Camp can help.

The law office of Thomas A. Camp, P.C. also provides aggressive defense representation in cases involving other alcohol-related offenses, such as underage drinking and multiple offense DUI.

Contact an Athens DUI attorney for answers to your questions and for aggressive representation during your DUI or UPA case.