Marijuana Charges

Prevailing public attitudes with regard to consumption and possession of marijuana for recreational use are rapidly changing across the U.S. What used to be a thoroughly taboo activity now enjoys the support of millions of Americans — the majority of whom now favor legalization according to many recent opinion surveys.

Penalties For Possession And Consumption

While many may support the right to freely smoke or consume marijuana, it remains an illegal substance in Georgia. This means that cannabis is illegal in every way, shape, form or manner. Unlike other states, marijuana is also illegal for medicinal uses in Georgia, and medicinal users with permission to consume marijuana in other states can still be prosecuted in Georgia. You should also be aware that "Spice" and other forms of synthetic marijuana are also illegal in Georgia.

In Georgia, possession of more than an ounce of marijuana is a felony and possession of even a misdemeanor amount can result in the suspension of your driver's license, which is true of other drugs as well. For these reasons it's important to contact a marijuana charges attorney to ensure that you have the best representation possible throughout this process.

Skilled Representation You Can Trust

Thomas A. Camp is a lawyer who can help battle your marijuana charges and has extensive experience helping area college students with marijuana defense.

Many college students casually smoke and consume marijuana — some thinking that they are insulated from the law on campus or near where they go to school. The truth of course is that it remains illegal for all citizens including students to possess, use and consume marijuana. We all make mistakes and our firm can serve you if have been charged with a marijuana drug crime.

Our firm has extensive experience helping clients, including college students, fight marijuana charges via first-offender statues and nolo contendere pleas, pursuant to these charges.

To learn more about the representation we can provide, please contact our Athens, Georgia, law firm today at 706-621-6284 or toll free at 866-475-8658.