Drug Charges

Unlike possession of marijuana — which is often treated as a misdemeanor for small quantities — possession of methamphetamine, cocaine and other "hard" drugs can yield substantial penalties for possession, even in small amounts.

For these reasons, having an experienced drug charges attorney defending you every step of the way is essential. At Thomas A. Camp, P.C., we have years of experience defending clients against a variety of drug charges. You will receive superb individualized attention and the proper representation that runs the full gamut of charges.

For some cases, a first offender statute is available meaning that we can advocate for shorter sentences, fines or probation if this is your first drug offense and your record is otherwise clean. To learn more about this option, or to seek help for other, more serious drug charges, contact Thomas A. Camp, P.C., for assistance.

Narcotics And Prescription Drugs

At our firm we can help you if you have been charged with the possession, sale or distribution of virtually any type of drug including: hydrocodone, oxycodone or roxycodone.

Prescription drug crimes, including illicit possession of hydrocodone, oxycodone or roxycodone are felonies in Georgia.

This can lead to serious repercussions for those possessing even small quantities of prescription medication such as Adderall and Ritalin without a prescription. Mr. Camp is a lawyer who has dealt with a number of cases where students get stopped for DUI and then the police officer searches them as part of that arrest, finding pills without a prescription. As a result, what would ordinarily be a misdemeanor DUI case now also becomes a felony drug case.

By examining the details of the search and arrest, our firm will tirelessly advocate for you and see if an arrest was caused by an illegal search and seizure.

An Attorney Can Help You Battle Drug Charges

An attorney with a keen understanding of drug laws can examine the details of your case to determine whether an improper search was conducted. If an improper search was carried out by an officer, Thomas A. Camp may be able to have your charges thrown out or substantially reduced. It's worked for clients in the past and it may be a possibility in your case as well.

Additionally, our firm also represents those who have been charged with manufacturing, possession with intent to sell and trafficking.

To learn more about the skilled representation we can provide, please contact our Athens, Georgia, law firm today at 706-621-6284 or toll free at 866-475-8658.