Theft Offenses

At Thomas A. Camp P.C., we handle a variety of theft offenses and can represent you if you have been charged with theft, burglary and robbery. Mr. Camp has helped many people previously and he will work tirelessly to help you if you have been charged with a theft offense.

Although theft may conjure up thoughts of serious heists and years in prison, some penalties are relatively minor and may include short sentences or fines. Our firm will examine the details of your case and patiently explain all options following a theft charge.

Aggressively Defending You Against Theft Charges

Many theft offenses carry serious penalties and could lead to years in prison, depending upon the amount of money taken and the harm done to other parties. A felony theft offense is generally considered any crime where the stolen property exceeds $500 in value.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, Thomas A. Camp is a theft offenses lawyer who will aggressively defend you against theft charges. Our firm has years of experience helping defendants successfully battle theft charges, including:

  • Financial transaction card fraud
  • Debit card and credit card theft
  • Fraud
  • Shoplifting
  • Petty theft

Don't risk years in prison or massive fines because you lacked the proper legal representation. At Thomas A. Camp, P.C., we will defend you against all charges and will work to keep a theft charge off your record. An attorney is here to help you today.

To learn more about the skilled representation we can provide, please contact our Athens, Georgia, law firm today at 706-621-6284 or toll free at 866-475-8658.