Paternity And Legitimation

Paternity is a legal process to determine who the father of a child is. Legitimation is a process to have a child to be declared the legitimate and legal child of a father.The issues of child support can also be addressed in conjunction with these types of actions. In Georgia, until a father has legitimated a child, he does not have any rights to custody or visitation with that child.

Establishing Paternity In Georgia

If there is doubt as to who the father is, a mother, child, suspected father or the state can request that paternity be established.

In Georgia, until a father has legitimated a child he has only an obligation to support that child and no rights to spend time with that child or otherwise participate in that child's live.

Paternity can be a complicated legal process and often involves DNA testing. Circumstances arise which often require this testing to be performed pursuant to the issue of a court order, especially if the mother or father is being uncooperative. A determination of paternity almost always involves the issue of child support the determination of which can be very complicated pursuant to the Georgia child support laws.

This is, understandably, a sensitive process that can affect your family's future. It may seem like a daunting process, but Thomas A. Camp is a caring attorney with ample experience handling paternity and legitimation and a host of other family law issues.

Father's Rights

Although Mr. Camp represents an approximately equal number of women and men in divorce and custody cases, he understands that fathers are sometimes discriminated against in our court system when it comes to issues relating to custody and visitation of children.Mr. Camp has extensive experience in this area and is often able to eliminate and minimize the effect of this bias for his male clients.

Thomas A. Camp is a skilled lawyer who will help with that process and can assist you in getting rights following legitimation, either through statutory or court order.

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