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Family Law

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Athens Trusts Tom Camp To Get Results

When you are going through a divorce, your long-term financial security may be at stake, as well as your parent-child relationships. When the stakes are high, you can’t afford to make any mistakes.

If you have been charged with a crime, your rights and freedom are on the line. For your future’s sake, you need the most effective legal representation available.

At the law firm of Thomas A. Camp, P.C., we help those in the Athens community assert their rights and fight for the results they deserve. With Tom Camp by your side, you can rest easy knowing that an experienced professional is dedicating his strong background and network of resources toward a positive outcome in your case.

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Honest And Dependable Family Law Representation

Whether you face a divorce, custody battle or another family dispute, the decisions you make today will impact your life for years to come. Our firm has helped many university faculty and staff members in family law cases, as well as clients from all walks of life. Giving close attention to individual needs and circumstances, we provide our clients with straightforward legal advice and vigorous advocacy they can trust, when they need it the most.

Other attorneys know that Thomas A. Camp is a seasoned trial lawyer who won’t settle for less than his clients deserve. This reputation alone can often lead to more favorable negotiations. But when negotiations fail, we are always prepared to fight for your best interests in the courtroom.

Aggressive Criminal Defense To Protect Your Rights

Thomas A. Camp has successfully defended clients facing a multitude of charges and has had great success in obtaining dismissals and “not guilty” verdicts on behalf of many of his clients. From traffic violations and underage drinking to serious sex crimes and murder charges, Mr. Camp has the experience and tenacity to put up a solid defense.

A keen lawyer can examine the details of any criminal charge to see if there were inconsistencies or police practices that violated your rights. Tests and investigations may have been conducted improperly, or you may have been arrested without probable cause, meaning the charges could be reduced or even dismissed.

Time is of the essence, especially if you face criminal charges. When your rights are on the line, we will ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

Interior of the Office of Thomas A. Camp, P.C.

We Stand Up For University Students, Staff And Faculty

Because of our firm’s location in Athens, we have developed a strong reputation for helping students — especially those attending the nearby University of Georgia — with their varied legal needs.

By working with a criminal defense lawyer who thoroughly understands the law as it applies to youth and students, you will be taking an important step that could help preserve the substantial investments you have made in your college education.

We have also represented university staff and faculty defend against accusations and charges that threaten their very careers.