Over 30 Years Of Experience in Family Law And Criminal Defense

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Photo of Thomas A. Camp

Tom Camp Has The Experience

Thomas A. (Tom) Camp has more than 30 years of experience representing individuals living in the Athens area and the surrounding counties in family law and criminal matters. Tom Camp is an experienced litigator and negotiator. He has tried hundreds of divorce, custody, and child support cases before judges and juries and has resolved hundreds of other cases through negotiation. He has also had incredible success in obtaining acquittals of individuals charged with various types of criminal offense from DUI to serious violent felonies.

Tom Camp Has The Skill And Knowledge

Skill and knowledge are essential to effective representation of individuals in family law and criminal matters. It is important for your attorney to know the law, learn the facts, and understand how the law may be applied to the particular facts of your case. It is also important for your attorney to understand how to present a factual scenario to a judge or a jury in an effort to obtain the desired result. Tom Camp has developed the necessary skill and obtained a wealth of legal and practical knowledge over the last 30 years inside (and outside) of the courtrooms of northeast Georgia to effectively represent you.

Photo of Thomas A. Camp

Tom Camp Is Efficient And Effective

Tom Camp can be an incredibly aggressive advocate when necessary, but he is most interested in obtaining the best result possible for you for a reasonable fee. If the best possible result can be obtained through negotiation, he will make every effort to do so. If the best possible result can only be obtained through aggressive advocacy and litigation, he has the passion and resolve to do that as well. Tom Camp has the experience, skill, and knowledge to be able to efficiently and effectively obtain the best possible result for you.

Photo of Thomas A. Camp

Tom Camp Is Honest, Compassionate, And Understanding

Tom Camp understands that whether you are going through a divorce or have been charged with a criminal offense, the outcome of your case can have a significant impact on your future. He is sensitive to this and acknowledges the importance of your case to you. He will be honest and direct with you and give you the information you need to make informed decisions on how best to proceed with your case in an effort to obtain the best possible result.

Tom Camp Is Accessible

Tom Camp understands that it is important for his clients to have reasonable access to him. Although he is often out of the office attending hearings, trials, and mediation, he returns phone calls and will meet with you, in person (or over the phone), by appointment. He also has a trained staff that will be available to you and who will often be able to answer many of your questions when he is unable to do so.

Interior of the Office of Thomas A. Camp, P.C