DUI Charges And Your Rights In Georgia

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prevents police from carrying out unreasonable searches and seizures of a citizen's person, automobile, or property. This means that authorities can only conduct a search if there is probable cause to do so.

In practice, this means that an officer needs reasonable articulable suspicion to pull your car over. He or she must observe erratic driving , a broken tail light, no headlights or other observable traffic violations. Once pulled over, the officer may ask you to perform a field sobriety test, a portable breath or alcosenor test, in an attempt to develop probable cause to arrest you and search your vehicle.. Observable signs of possible intoxication may include:

  • Glassy or bloodshot eyes
  • The smell of alcohol on your breath or in the vehicle
  • Slurred speech
  • Open alcohol containers or drug paraphernalia in plain view

Challenging Field Sobriety Tests And Breathalyzers

The results from field sobriety tests are far from perfect. In fact, there are instances when an individual may not perform well on one or more field sobriety tests while completely sober especially if he or she is nervous or has a diagnosed medical condition. Similarly, Breathalyzers may not be properly calibrated or could be malfunctioning, resulting in a false positive. A lawyer can help you build a proper DUI defense and get your life back on track.

Thomas A. Camp is a criminal defense attorney with experience challenging the results of field sobriety testing and Breathalyzer testing. Mr. Camp also has access to expert witnesses to assist in challenging the validity and reliability of these test results in court. Furthermore, Mr. Camp can analyze other crucial details from the night of your DUI arrest to determine if an overzealous officer lacked probable cause when pulling you over.

On many occasions, attorney Camp's careful analyses of DUI arrests have uncovered inconsistencies, leading to reduced charges or outright dismissals for clients.

Additionally, Georgia is transitioning from an Intoxilyzer 5000 to the newer, 9000 model. Thomas Camp fully understands the operation, maintenance and calibration of both the new and old blood alcohol content machines and can apply his intimate knowledge to your case.

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