Month: July 2020

DUI charges during the summertime

In the summer months, many people enjoy a few drinks while barbecuing or visiting with friends and family members. Unfortunately, this also increases the odds of alcohol-related problems, such as drunk driving charges. If you were recently charged with driving under...

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How to cope with a divorce

It’s no secret – going through a divorce is often a very traumatic and emotionally-trying process. Even if you were the one who asked for it, a divorce can turn your world upside down and make it feel impossible to carry on with life as usual. Venturing into the...

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How does alimony work in Georgia?

Divorce comes with plenty of financial headaches. Among these is figuring out how you will make ends meet once you’re on your own. Your spouse might have been your household’s primary – or sole – earner. And you may worry you will not survive without their income....

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