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Changing a child support order

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Child Custody, Uncategorized |

Divorce with children in Georgia can seem overwhelming. Even after the judge enters the final divorce decree, things occur that may require a revision of certain facets.

One of the most popular reasons divorced couples wind up back in court is child support. This financial aid helps the parent that has the children a majority of the time to provide for them. Courts often award child support when the primary custodial parent makes less money and cannot provide the same lifestyle without it. The staff at Thomas A. Camp, P.C. want to give you insight into some of the reasons a child support order may need revising post-decree.

Change in employment

Perhaps the most common reason child support may need adjustment is a change in income. This usually occurs when one parent loses a job or even gets a promotion. For instance, the parent ordered to pay support finds out that the role is changing, and so is the paycheck. This may mean:

The person suffers a layoff

A pay cut occurs

Relocation out of state to continue work

Change in health insurance

One of the factors in calculating child support is who carries medical insurance for the kids. If the primary parent has health insurance and loses it, the other parent may either need to add the children or pay more for the other parent to obtain more.

The court may choose to increase or decrease child support temporarily. It may also make it permanent until another modification occurs. For more insight, please check our website.