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Defend against your underage DUI charge

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

While your college kid might legally be an adult, the college years are still transitional. Unfortunately, the decisions children make during this time could have lasting consequences for you and your family. 

Where is particularly true when kids run into trouble with the law. Here are some reasons to take criminal matters seriously, specifically underage DUI. 

Convictions close doors 

Criminal convictions are matters of public record for adults. Do not let the term “underage” fool you — these are adult crimes. 

Basically anyone with personal information and an internet connection could search for your child’s criminal record well into adulthood. Even in jurisdictions where it is illegal to make decisions based on criminal records, there is no guarantee that it would not be a factor. Even some countries deny entrance to those who have criminal convictions. 

Defenses reinforce futures 

Mounting a defense could go a long way in showing your child how serious crimes are, even against first time misdemeanor DUI charges. You and the attorney you select should be able to communicate the importance of avoiding further misunderstandings with the law. 

Managing a legal issue often teaches responsibility. This could be the first time your college student has had to deal with the consequences of risky situations. 

Arrests change priorities 

A criminal arrest is often more than a wakeup call. It has the potential to be an introduction to how life in a civil society works. 

Although it may seem like too much work, most college students are capable — with the appropriate support, of course — of maintaining schedules, meeting deadlines and submitting to the various court processes involved in a criminal defense. If necessary, with timely procedural action, it is sometimes also possible to obtain modifications to schedules, extensions on certain deadlines and so forth.