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Review every detail surrounding your DUI case

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

If you were recently stopped for driving under the influence and are now facing charges, you likely have many questions and a great deal of concern, not only with respect to your case but your future as well. Develop a thorough understanding of your rights and make sure that your DUI case is handled properly, carefully reviewing every detail of the incident. In fact, some facets of a drunk driving stop have a significant impact on the outcome of a case.

Whether they lack a clear understanding of their rights or they simply do not devote enough time to their DUI case, some people neglect to bring certain details up in court and miss a more favorable outcome.

Faulty breathalyzers and other factors that impact a DUI case

There are multiple factors that play a role in the outcome of a drunk driving case. For example, if someone can prove that a breathalyzer was faulty, they are more likely to secure an end result that is more favorable. In fact, some people are able to have the charges dismissed altogether because their rights were violated by a law enforcement official. If you are unsure whether your rights were violated or you believe that a law enforcement official failed to carry out a stop properly, you need to examine these issues immediately.

Look into your options

Taking a thorough look at your options is pivotal. Often, people who lack familiarity with drunk driving laws struggle in this regard, which is why you need to carefully go over your circumstances and remember that every case is unique. Our site goes over other topics related to drunk driving charges.