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What is virtual visitation?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Child Custody, Firm News |

With all the modern devices we have, checking in with your loved ones can be easier and quicker than ever.

Custody arrangements are no exception, and many people find that the use of technology greatly aids them while talking to their kids.


These meetings can become part of a regular visitation schedule, according to FindLaw. Although this variety of custody arrangement is relatively recent, it may fit into busy schedules or otherwise tricky traveling situations.

The use of digital cameras on laptops or tablets to virtually meet face-to-face helps you keep in touch with your children. Not only can you speak in these synchronous video chats, but you can also text or email asynchronously whenever you want.


In an increasingly busy world, in-person meetings can be rare. Although these digital get-togethers should never be your sole kind of visitation, using technology to help connect with your children can be useful to stay up to date with daily activities.

The ability to witness major events that would not otherwise be accessible in person, such as graduations or sporting events, is another added perk. Being able to view facial cues or other body language on camera helps you to connect better emotionally. Even talking often via social media can also help strengthen your bond.

Best interest

As with any situation, courts must determine what is in the best interest of your children. This is defined as a beneficial choice for their growth, which often includes maintaining a close relationship with you. If you believe that this can help you connect, you could look into virtual visitation as a supplement to your regular visitation.