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How can I make my divorce as stress-free as possible?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Divorce, Firm News |

Navigating a divorce can leave you feeling sad, angry, relieved, anxious, hopeful, and more. Many couples experience these disconcerting feelings all at once, which can leave you reeling in the aftermath.

It is virtually impossible to get through your divorce without experiencing some negative feelings, especially when children are involved. However, there are steps you can take to make your divorce as stress-free as possible, including the following.

Be flexible when you can

Child custody orders are mandated by the court, which means you and your ex are legally obligated to follow them. However, that does not mean you should report back to the court every time your ex is a few minutes late picking up your child or asks you to alter the visitation schedule. Provided the requests are not disruptive to your life and do not happen on a frequent basis, accommodating your former spouse is usually the best course of action. Additionally, if you are ever in need of assistance, your ex will likely return the favor if you need help.

Make sure kids have essential items at both houses

Your kids will be affected by your divorce no matter what, but you can still make the experience as easy as possible for them. Instead of making your children pack up their belongings to take to the other parent’s house, buy duplicate items that can be kept exclusively at your ex’s house. This ensures your kids will have a sense of belonging no matter where they are, and will also prevent squabbles about lost items.

Do not badmouth your former spouse

While it may be tempting to talk bad about your ex-spouse, consider the impact doing so will on your kids. Your children do not view your ex in the same way you do, so your statements will only serve to confuse and alarm them. Talking bad about your spouse can also affect your child’s relationship with them, which may have a negative impact lasting for many years.