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What does parental alienation look like?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Issues surrounding child custody become worse when your ex tries to turn the children against you. According to Healthline, an alienator will use false statements or divulge in unnecessary details about the relationship to make the children unhappy with you. 

This is parental alienation and can degrade the parent-child relationship until the children no longer want to see or speak to you. 

How does one parent alienate children from the other?

It is time for you to pick up your kids, but they ask you if they can stay longer with the other parent. While this is not always a red flag, a pattern of alienation includes the other parent consistently planning activities that tempt your children into staying longer. Out of nowhere, your ex may start hiding information. The secrets can range from hiding medical records to refusing to inform you of new hobbies and interests your children pick up so that you cannot bond with them. 

How do children act during parental alienation?

While it is healthy for your children to have a strong bond with their parents, one main indicator of parental alienation occurs when the children have a strong bond with one parent and lose their bond with you. Children will not have specific examples to feel critical of you but instead will attempt false justifications. You may hear examples that the child never witnessed or hear borrowed phrases. In most parent and child relationships, there can be healthy criticisms. The standout feature of parental alienation includes a lack of mixed feelings. Children support one parent whole-heartedly and only have negative feelings for the other.