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Benefits of a close child-grandparent relationship

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Child Custody, Firm News |

As a Georgia grandparent, staying in touch with little ones may be challenging, especially if their parents divorced and the primary caregiver is not your child. Having visitation rights can help you keep the bond with your grandchildren while offering a stable, loving environment. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a close child-grandparent relationship can benefit the entire family. Not only can keeping up with young children help you remain more active, but it can also help ease the stress and burden of child-rearing that parents often feel. For young children, the close grandparent bond has several benefits. 

Cultivates happiness

Grandparents have an almost innate ability to make small children smile. Whether grandpa plays the tickle monster or grandma plays dress-up, the time spent with grandparents can be magical for the little ones. Parents of young children are often desperate for a shower and five minutes of alone time. Even if you live far away and see the little ones only occasionally, your presence can make everyone happier. 

Accesses a new skillset

Times have changed since you were young. The skills you have learned since then may interest your grandchildren. Sewing, woodworking, baking and playing an instrument may pique a child’s interest and provide a bonding opportunity. As they grow, your grandchildren will have a new skill and a closer relationship with you. 

Offers unconditional love

As a grandparent, you may have more time and energy for the little ones. You can give them your undivided attention and emotional support. Grandparents often become a confidante and the givers of hugs. By offering unconditional love and a safe haven, you can fill the gaps for overworked parents, providing an environment that increases emotional intelligence and confidence. 

If your grandchildren’s parents have divorced, a relationship with you can help ease the stress they feel about the change in their environment. Learn more about grandparent visitation rights here.