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How can you stay connected to your child during custody visits?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Child Custody, Firm News |

While the custody arrangement you have with your former spouse works well, you still miss your shared child. How can you remain connected with your daughter or son while honoring the custody order? 

Zero to Three offers tips for parents to forge and reinforce their connection with their young child while separated. With a little creativity, you may continue creating memories with your child while not physically present. 

Use technology

If you do not already, set up regular video chats with your son or daughter. To set up a date that works for both of you, talk with your co-parent about a time and day that fits her or his schedule and your child’s schedule. For those times when work or other obligations keep you from making a video call, send a quick video recording instead. 

Talk with your co-parent

No matter how much you want to communicate with your young son or daughter, you must respect her or his time with your former partner. Reach out to your ex to determine how she or he feels about your communication methods and how the two of you may make each other’s lives easier regarding staying in touch with your child while he or she lives at the other household. 

Be brief

Depending on your schedule or your child’s attention span, you may have only a few moments to chat. Make the most of every second, and have an intention for each call, such as sharing stories or singing a song. 

Get creative about staying in your child’s life. Hopefully, the bond you create lasts a lifetime.