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Which costs add to the overall price of a DUI?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

After getting a DUI, you likely have a lot of questions. For instance, how does the criminal charge affect your financial health?

American Addiction Centers breaks down common drunk driving charge expenses. Use the information to budget for your future.

Charge breakdown

You likely already know you must pay your bail to get out of jail after your initial arrest, and you probably had to pay for Georgia law enforcement towing and impounding your vehicle. If you want professional help in either fighting or responding to your DUI, you must pay attorney fees.

Expect to pay court fees, and you may even face a charge for spending time behind bars. Those who receive a drunk driving charge may pay probation fees. Depending on the terms of your probation, you may pay to take random drug or urine screenings. Do you know whether you must serve community service as part of your sentence? If so, you could face a fee for that, as well.

Additional fees

Usually, a person hit with a DUI charge must complete substance abuse educational courses or treatment. How much you pay for such classes depends on the program itself. Ask the appropriate parties if you should expect to pay for an ignition interlock device.

When you next renew your auto insurance policy, expect your provider to learn of your encounter with the police. Those with a DUI often become at-risk drivers, and they usually pay more expensive premiums. If the court suspends your license and you require alternate forms of transportation, you may need to pay for public transportation, rideshare services or gas if friends and family give you rides.

A DUI charge may cost more than you think. Arm yourself with knowledge so you have a well-informed idea of how to manage your money.