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What factors does the court consider in Georgia child custody cases?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Child Custody, Uncategorized |

When Athens area parents have decided they can no longer be together it can be a traumatic time for both the parents and their children. When parents split up, kids can take it hard, and it can be emotionally traumatizing. Child custody is often one of the more contentious issues in a Georgia divorce. There are many factors that the court considers in Georgia child custody cases, always placing the best interests of the child first.

If parents cannot decide on a child custody arrangement, Georgia courts will get involved.  Georgia law has a set of relevant factors for the court to consider in reaching its decision on child custody. These include:

  • Emotional ties. The court may consider the emotional ties between the child and each of its parents.
  • The court may consider whether each parent is able to care for their child. They will evaluate whether the parent can take care of the child’s basic needs and their emotional needs.
  • The courts will take into account each parent’s past involvement with their child.
  • Child’s election. Depending upon the child’s age, the court may consider a child’s desire as to where they want to live.
  • The court will research whether there is a history of abuse with one parent.
  • Co-parenting. The willingness of a parent to have a good communicative relationship with the other parent can be a factor the courts consider.

A legal professional who is skilled in child custody can help their client understand what their options may be. They can help their client with court dates and also help them negotiate a child custody arrangement that is in the best interest of their client and their child.