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Georgia college athlete arrested for aggravated assault in Athens

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Firm News |

Given their age and newfound freedom, it is not uncommon for Georgia college students to find themselves in trouble with the law. That could be due to allegations of alcohol use, drugs or physical confrontations.

Depending on the charges, these young people can face jail time, fines, obstacles in maintaining their standing in school and a damaged future. This is especially true if the arrest stems from a domestic dispute.

Before making the situation worse, it is important to understand the need for experienced legal counsel.

College baseball player has confrontation with girlfriend and is arrested

A local college baseball player for the University of Georgia was arrested after an incident with his girlfriend in Athens. The student, 21, is facing felony charges for aggravated assault. The incident occurred on New Year’s Day and happened after the two were out drinking.

According to law enforcement, the couple had an argument and it became violent, culminating with him choking her. Police had been called about a domestic violence issue shortly before 3 a.m. The apparent victim, also 21, was crying and claimed to have been choked. There were signs of injuries on her neck and shoulders. He was taken into custody, booked and later released on $5,700 bond.

Upon checking the baseball team’s roster, he is no longer listed. Still, his status on the team or at the school has not yet been clarified. The university issued a statement saying it is aware of the incident and is monitoring its outcome.

A criminal defense is crucial after any type of arrest

College students who find themselves under arrest need to be aware of the problems that can result from the case. Not only might it hinder their education and extracurricular activities, but it can be a severe obstacle for them to achieve their goals.

In this case, a college student who is also a baseball player is accused of domestic violence with a girlfriend. This can be viewed in a poor light in multiple aspects of his life. Before simply accepting the charges, it is imperative to understand how to craft a viable criminal defense. Consulting with a qualified professional can help with devising a strategy and moving forward.