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Can my actions compromise my child custody battle?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Child Custody |

While you and your ex fight over child custody, it generally helps to demonstrate to the court that you can raise your children responsibly and be an excellent example for them. Behaviors that prove or imply otherwise may compromise your odds, and, as a result, you might not see your children as often as you like after the divorce’s completion.

Here are some actions that may seem trivial or normal but can significantly impact your custody battle.

Fighting with your ex or their family

No matter how contentious the separation may be, it is generally wise to keep a level head, especially when dealing with your ex and their family. Fighting might make you look like a troublemaker who likely cannot provide a harmonious environment for your children.

Yelling at your children

You should avoid yelling at your children, as your ex might misconstrue such behavior as you losing control of your emotions or being abusive. It might even scare your children, and the court might decide that having you as their primary guardian is not in their best interest.

Damaging your ex’s property

Even if you do so accidentally, your ex might use the incident to prove that you are violent or aggressive. Moreover, the court may also order you to replace or pay for the damaged property.

Taking your children out without your ex’s knowledge

Even if you mean well, taking your children somewhere without your ex’s knowledge can put your custody battle at risk. This might be especially true if your children live with your ex and you reside apart from them.

Preventing contact with the other parent

Even if you are divorcing the other parent, stopping them from communicating with your child and vice versa might put you in a bad light. Such behaviors may increase the risk of parental alienation, which might have multiple adverse effects on your children.

Child custody is usually one of the most contentious portions of divorce. A divorce attorney can help by advising you on the best way to approach the issue and how to ensure favorable outcomes for you and your children.