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3 reasons that an uncontested divorce is often preferable

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Divorce |

Many people think of contentious litigation when they think of divorce. They may imagine spouses accusing each other of crimes or fighting over every piece of furniture in their homes in family court. However, not every married couple has to fight intensely over the terms set in their divorce proceeding. Amicable divorces are also an option. When spouses agree on the exact terms for their divorces, they can file an uncontested divorce.

Those who already have marital agreements in place may have a relatively easy time negotiating an uncontested divorce. Others may attend mediation or commit to collaborative divorces. Why do many couples work so hard to achieve uncontested divorces in Georgia?

Lower costs

The more time people spend in family court, the greater the total cost of their divorce proceedings. Those who are able to settle things outside of court can minimize the overall expense involved in the divorce.

Control over the outcome

Another reason that people may pursue an uncontested divorce is that they do not want a judge to decide how they should share custody or divide their property. Those preparing for litigated divorces leave everything up to a judge, but those filing an uncontested divorce can set their own terms.

Less conflict

People who fight the entire way through the divorce process often employ an adversarial approach to their divorce proceedings. That contentious approach often leads to more collateral damage to the marital relationship. Particularly if the spouses are parents who need to share custody after the divorce, trying to minimize conflict could benefit everyone.

Understanding the benefits derived from an uncontested divorce may help people find the motivation to work with their spouse instead of fighting them.