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What are some common reasons for gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Divorce, Firm News |

Many people may find as they age that divorce is imminent. A gray divorce is when older couples split up later in life, something that is becoming increasingly common.

There are several reasons why you could find yourself in this situation, with issues ranging from financial to familial struggles.

Addiction worries

According to Forbes, older couples may find it tough to deal with addictions like gambling or alcoholism. Losing money or time to these addictions can lead to a strained relationship between you and your loved one. Older people may also be more susceptible to stress from these problems since they often live on a stricter income.

Money troubles

Many long term arguments about money and incomes can lead to couples finally deciding to divorce. One spouse may habitually overspend or even hide money from the other spouse, which erodes trust and eventually the relationship.

Older couples must be even more frugal as they age, since retirement often signals the end of a traditional career and a smaller shared income. If you can not trust your spouse to manage your combined finances, it may lead to a divorce later in life.

Long term issues

Some gray divorces may not have a singular inciting incident, but merely happen because of a slow realization that you and your spouse are growing apart as you age. Empty nest syndrome, or a feeling of boredom and despair once all your adult children leave the house, can cause you both to rethink your marriage.

Being unable to imagine a future together can lead to more serious discussions about divorce and how to divide up assets.