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Facts to know about alimony in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Divorce, Uncategorized |

When you are adjusting to life after a divorce you will find there are some expenses you did not necessarily face while married. You may be moving from a two-income household to a one-income household. Or, if you stayed at home while married, you may now be facing the prospect of getting a job. If so, you will want to understand the basics of alimony in Georgia.

What is alimony?

Alimony consists of payments one spouse makes to their ex following a divorce. Alimony can be temporary or permanent. Alimony will not be awarded if the divorce was due to infidelity or desertion.

Alimony will be awarded in accordance with both the receiving party’s need for support and the paying spouse’s ability to pay. The court will consider the parties’ conduct toward one another when awarding alimony.

Which factors will a court consider when awarding alimony?

The court will consider numerous factors when issuing an award of alimony. These factors include:

  • The standard of living the spouses had while they were married
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Each spouse’s age and health
  • Each spouse’s financial resources
  • How long it would take the receiving spouse to obtain appropriate employment
  • Whether one spouse contributed to the marriage as a homemaker
  • Whether one spouse contributed to the education or career of the other spouse
  • Each spouse’s share of separate property, earning capacity and fixed bills

This list is not all-inclusive. The court may consider any other relevant factors that are equitable and proper.

Alimony should be fair

Ultimately, alimony should be paid in a way that is fair to both spouses after a divorce. Each spouse should be able to meet their financial needs. Divorce can unearth financial situations that may not have existed during the marriage.

Alimony is meant to make sure that the receiving spouse can support themselves without imposing a financial hardship on the paying spouse.