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3 things not to ask children to do after your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Child Custody |

Divorce is a major change for everyone involved. As you make this transition, it’s important to remember that your children should be empowered to just be children during this time. 

There are certain things that parents should ensure they never ask their children to do during the divorce and after. Remembering these three things may make it a bit easier to avoid them.

1: Don’t ask them to relay messages

Never ask the children to relay messages between you and your ex. These messages can be relayed incorrectly, which can lead to issues in the co-parenting relationship. There’s also a chance that the children may be subjected to reactions they shouldn’t be, just because of the information they heard.

2: Don’t ask them to spy on your ex

Never ask the children to spy on your ex. While it’s suitable to ask them about their time at the other parent’s home, don’t push for them to tell you about specifics. Instead, give them the space to tell you what they want to share and be there to listen. 

3: Don’t ask them to choose between parents

Never ask them to choose between their parents. It’s usually best to support their relationship with their other parent and that entire side of their family. It may help you to remember that just because your ex wasn’t a good partner doesn’t mean that they’re not a good parent. 

Remember, your parenting plan is the foundation of everything you do. This should be set up based on what’s best for the children. Getting it together as early as possible after the split is beneficial.