Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation rights are among the most sensitive and contentious issues involved in a divorce.

The Athens child custody lawyer at Thomas A. Camp, P.C., has over 20 years of family law experience and offers compassionate legal assistance for your difficult situation. While we are personable and sincere, we offer aggressive representation that strongly defends your interests.

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Contact a Georgia child custody lawyer at our firm to schedule your initial consultation. We handle a wide variety of custody matters, including the following:

  • Legitimation / paternity (to obtain custody opportunity or child support)
  • Grandparents as parents (obtaining custody on behalf of a relative)
  • Parental relocation (move away with or from child)
  • Social service agency matters
  • Custody / visitation disputes

Legitimation and paternity actions allow a father to obtain custodial and visitation rights. An experienced Athens child custody lawyer can help a biological father to file legitimate actions toward establishing custodial rights that grant more than the obligation to support. Paternity issues may also arise in a divorce action.

In Georgia, family members other than the parents, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and siblings can sometimes step in to obtain custody on behalf of a relative. Grandparent custody can occur when a biological parent is failing to care for a child, the child's welfare is in danger, and the grandparents are in a position to care for the child.

Contact an Athens child custody lawyer and litigation attorney at our firm for effective resolution of your child custody and related matters.