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We Stand Up For Students And Minors Facing Criminal Accusations

Thomas A. Camp is a skilled underage possession of alcohol (UPA) and minor in possession (MIP) attorney, and will get to know your schedule and will know when you have class or a break from school. Our firm works with many students and has developed an intimate knowledge of how to navigate the process, arranging court appearances at convenient times that don’t interrupt your classes or breaks from school. Our firm takes this accommodating approach in order to minimize the impact on your schedule, your education and your future. If you have been charged with a minor in possession, you should contact a University of Georgia minor in possession lawyer right away.

An Investment In Your Future

It’s understandable that parents would be concerned that dealing with an underage drinking or drug charge would disrupt their son or daughter’s class schedule. We are happy to talk to parents and explain the situation and our approach that takes student schedules into account. Because of our firm’s experience, Mr. Camp fields many calls from parents from Atlanta and other areas of the state who have been referred to our office by friends and acquaintances.

Working Creatively To Minimize Impact

The good news is that in many cases there are pretrial diversion programs and first-offender statutes that will often allow students to avoid having a criminal conviction on their record. We are often times also able to obtain records restrictions and expunge the record of an arrest to prevent prospective employers from seeing the arrest on a criminal background check. Even bright and intelligent individuals use poor judgment and make bad decisions on occasion. Unfortunately, these poor decisions can lead to serious consequences. It may not seem like a big deal to relieve yourself in the bushes after drinking at a tailgate party on a Saturday afternoon but that is a violation of the law and can lead to a urination in public charge. Thomas Camp has dealt with many public urination cases and understands the local ordinances. In some instances attorney Camp is able to work out resolutions that involve a defendant admitting to violations of local ordinances (instead of more severe state laws) which can minimize the impact on a student’s record and future career. This is a crucial option because municipal ordinances don’t show up on your criminal history as a conviction. We can work with the charges as to create a nominal impact on the student and his or her record. Similarly, public intoxication is under a local ordinance, which means that we can help you work through this charge as well. To learn more about the representation we can provide you, please contact our Athens, Georgia, law firm today at 706-621-6284 or toll free at 866-475-8658.