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Family Violence Protective Orders (TPOs)

A Family Violence Protective Order, or a “TPO” as it is often referred to, can be obtained to address situations in which a family member, domestic partner, or parent of your child has committed an act of family violence against you. In these cases, a court can award you custody of your children, child support, the exclusive use and possession of your residence and specific items of personal property (vehicles, furniture, computers, etc.), and restrain the offending party from having contact with you and your child(ren).

It is important for you to obtain competent legal advice prior to making a decision on whether or not to pursue such an action as it is only warranted in certain situations and it can occasionally have certain unintended consequences for the petitioner. Many people are also not aware that a court can award the same relief in a divorce action that it can award in a family violence action, and sometimes it just makes sense to go ahead and file for divorce.

If you have had a petition for family violence protective order or TPO filed against you, it is important for you to have experienced and competent representation, as the issuance of such an order against you can have long-lasting implications.