High Asset Divorce

Not every divorce is as straightforward as dividing property down the middle. Many couples have significant considerations involving business interests, multiple real estate properties, complex real estate issues and employee stock option issues. When such matters are at stake, it is essential to have experienced counsel who is prepared to accommodate these sophisticated interests.

The law office of Thomas A. Camp, P.C. provides zealous representation to individuals involved in a high asset divorce. For quality divorce representation in Georgia, contact the Athens law firm of Thomas A. Camp, P.C.

Thomas A. Camp, P.C. handles divorce property division involving various financial concerns, such as:

  • Employee stock options
  • Retirement plans
  • IRAs and pension plans
  • Profits from real estate rental properties
  • Business interests (family owned business or otherwise)

Our firm understands the complications that can arise in high asset divorces. Experts and specialists may be necessary to ensure proper business valuations are conducted, hidden assets are recovered, and all property brought into the marriage or contributed to throughout the marriage is properly accounted for. With over 20 years of experience, Tom Camp can help ensure that every aspect of complex property division is covered, from proper inventory and valuation of the assets to determining fair division of assets and liabilities.

Tom Camp recognizes that clients have worked hard for everything they have. The decision to divorce should not jeopardize what you have worked for. We listen to clients and provide a straightforward answer regarding our ability to help and the likely result. Whether through mediation or vigorous litigation, the Athens law office of Thomas A. Camp, P.C. is prepared to provide the diligent divorce representation you need.

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